Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Justice in the USA

Where is it?

A message to Obama and Loretta and the DOJ, FBI, DHS, CIA, IRS, ETC, ETC,....

No one believes your lies anymore! You have demonstrated yourselves to be tools of political wherewithal and you have contempt for the American people.

You have destroyed the trust the public HAD with you and now you can go to hell. Reap what you have sown as it plays out over the coming decades.

No more glory. No more fame. You will govern over the husk of a morally bankrupt nation that you can only thank yourselves for. A  big FO to you.

"Nobody Is Above The Law. Guaranteed. Full Stop." - Meltdown At The Justice Department Exposes Obama's Lies

"All of this reveals a Justice Department and FBI in turmoil, with some agents in semi-open revolt against their political leadership. This is terrible for those institutions, for confidence in government, and for Mrs. Clinton’s ability to govern if she does win next Tuesday’s election...The Clinton penchant for deception and secrecy bears much of the blame for this mess, but then so does the President who is currently responsible for the Justice Department."

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