Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Germany Losing Friends in the US

I will personally see to it that this story gets to Bannon himself. The man who wrote this story is a jack-ass of the highest order and German people who support Americans (not globalists like this shill) need to give this guy absolute hell.

I'm extremely offended by what he wrote here:

"In other words, 60 million Americans acted stupidly. They cast their votes for xenophobia, racism and nationalism, the end of equal rights and social conscience, for the end of climate treaties and health insurance. Sixty million people followed a demagogue who will do little for them."

He goes on with this recognition of the way things are in America and claims that 60 million people who acted in their best interest actually did NOT act in their best interest because they defied groups of people who act in THEIR best interest at the expense of everyone else:

"Those who have lived in New York or experienced dinner conversations in Georgetown and debates at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government, know how brilliantly intelligent and worldly Americans can be. But these are closed circles -- ones that are unfortunately nowhere near as open as they like to claim, inaccessible as they are to the vast majority of Americans who could never afford access. Once you get outside such circles, such cosmopolitan thinking isn't nearly as widespread."

Basically what's being revealed here is that there are a group of people in the world who want to suck globalist schlong for their own selfish gain and will thrown anyone under the bus in the process.

This guy can fall off a fucking cliff. I've emailed him and will update if he responds but I'm sure he's getting it from all angles.

Here's his email address: chefredaktion@spiegel.de

And by the way, this guy doesn't seem to understand that the globalist neo-cons (American) want to enslave the world making him much more of a useful idiot in addition to his jack assery:

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