Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Silver Rig - "Fixed"

Indeed, fixed.

The theft in the silver markets persists. When will we be delivered from these mafiosos?

From Zerohege (of which I am still banned):

Silver Market In Disarray After Benchmark Price Fix Manipulation

The LBMA Silver Price – the crucial daily benchmark used by producers and traders around the world to settle silver products and derivatives contracts – was set at $13.58 per ounce.

At the time of the auction, which begins at 12 noon London time, the spot price was at $14.42 per ounce while the futures price on the CME was at $14.415, leaving a number of market participants extremely confused as to what has happened.

“Unfortunately, it is not [a mistake],” Ole Hansen, head of commodity strategy for Saxo Bank, told FastMarkets. “This could be the end of the fix. It took 14 minutes to find a fix – they obviously found a fix way off of the market.”

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Simulacra's Light

Hidden in the wispy shadows of night 
a voice calls out, the antithesis of light.

"Come to me, come to me" it whispers,
"Do not drink of that cup".
"It is with me tonight, that you should sup."

"I can give you food and wine and all you desire"
and the man ran to the voice amongst the funeral pyres.

And swallowing down every last morsel,
He found his hunger grew ever the moreso.

For he had dined not on the truth of light,
But instead had wandered into a terrible plight!

The food had no substance and the wine naught but air,
When he called out to the voice there was no one there.

Frantically he looked and what did he see?
The ethereal, the unreal, simulacra's fantasy.

Though what we see may not be and the din harsh to the ear,
The bright light of truth will burn simulacra's thin veneer.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Saudi's Selling Out?

One has to wonder (that one would be me) if the Saudi's don't see the potential end of their "kingdom" looming on the horizon.

Are the Saudi's gutting the value of their country's resources right before they flee? How many IPO's have we seen where the founders sell out leaving others with a big bag of stink.

How about IPO, make trillions and then let the shareholders discover that Ghawar is about to go into terminal decline? We'll see.

From Zerohedge:

As The Saudi Economy Implodes, A Fascinating Solution Emerges: The Aramco IPO

Earlier today we reported that when it comes to Saudi Arabia, things are going from bad to abysmal, with the market is clearly aware of it. Saudi riyal forwards hit their highest level in almost two decades as oil plummeted: twelve-month forward contracts for the riyal climbed 260 points, and set for the steepest close since December 1996 on growing speculation the world’s biggest oil exporter may allow its currency to slide against the dollar for the first time since 1986 (incidentally, Bank of America's "Number One Black Swan Event For The Global Oil Market In 2016").


Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Gold Moves Higher This Year

Of course smart money has been positioning themselves for years by taking physical gold out of the market. This game has been played for more than 4,000 years. A bold claim to be sure but I'll be writing more about it in the near future.

Do not delay, the trap is nearly sprung upon the plebes.

From Zerohedge:

A Disturbing Warning From UBS: "Buy Gold" Because A 30% Bear Market Is Coming

As Wall Street axioms (Santa rally, January effect, as goes January etc.) are rapidly falling by the wayside at the start of 2016, following a chaotic but return-less 2015, the UBS analysts who correctly forecast last year's volatility are out with their forecast for 2016. It's simple - Sell Stocks, Buy Gold.
UBS Technical Analysts Michael Riesner and Marc Müller warn the seven-year cycle in equities is rolling over.