Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Islam Defeats the West

That is the case if we don't get our collective heads out of our azzes. This is a very complex issue that should be studied by everyone who doesn't want to be put under the "sword" of islam. There is clearly a radical, violent, expansionist mechanism to islam but the real question is how many Muslims are aware of it? How many are silently supporting it but actively denying it (to deceive the enemy of course, not out of cowardice, it's sanctioned!!)? And worse, how many are militant and lying dormant in America?

What's their intentions as far as attacking? One here, a couple there or a bunch all at once? I'll tell you one thing; there will be a tipping point when law enforcement will be seen as impotent when their already exposed position of incompetence at stopping attacks turns into populist vigilantism. "Racist" attacks would rise in the US with the locals all across the land rising up against any perceived injustice. A police force coming down hard on the "racists", i.e., the American people, will only enrage the populace further. Trust between people and state could slowly deteriorate until you have various states of control and chaos all over the country.

Meanwhile the militant that are surely in America, what will they do? Stand by and not retaliate? No. Most likely they will increase the attacks. Meanwhile Congress tries to disarm the American people because I'm sure they know of and fear the possibility of a blood bath. If Americans know what's good for them they will "weapon up" and prepare for the fight of the ages that the Europeans appear to be losing. Basically it will be up to the radical islam movement how far they want to take this and up to the West with how much they will tolerate.

But hey I could conjecture all day long. I'm going to link to the Muslim Brotherhood's "Project", therein which they lay out their plan to conquer the west with islam.

Project link

And here's a video of a woman I just recently found on Youtube that makes very compelling arguments. These two things should send you well on your way of researching these topics to ponder and discuss them with others. Please share.

This issue gives me the creeps more than most other things that bother me. And it's a short list.

Beans, bullion and bullets.

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