Friday, June 10, 2016

Copper, Deflation and Central Banks

If the Fed wants to create inflation, they better act in 3......2......1.....

Friends, my instincts, intuition and spidey sense are all firing nonstop, 24/7. Not even the whiskey makes it go away.

Prepare. Now. Whoever has been selling their mining shares, thank you, I'm buying.

This chart is from Albert Edwards latest piece which I found at Zerohedge (where I'm still banned) here....

Incidentally, about Zerohedge, a commenter posted that he misses a lot of the old school posters on Z'hedge and wondered where they went.

I can tell you: the communists at Z'hedge who don't believe in free speech suspended all their user accounts! Eff you Z'hedge!

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