Friday, June 10, 2016

European Corporate Bond Purchase Programme - Ebezzlement!

Friends, when do people realize that this is a form of racketeering? We are held hostage to thieves! It's going to come down to something nasty when they completely destroy their currency.

It will most likely come to the US as well to support the stock market when corporations can no longer steal from their investors by taking on debt to buy shares back at inflated (VERY) prices to sell their own options.

From Bloomberg:

ECB to Start Corporate Bond Buying in June as It Expands QE

The European Central Bank said it plans to start buying corporate bonds in June as it unveiled more details of its purchase program.
The bank will start acquiring corporate debt maturing between six months and 30 years, according to a statement. Purchases will include bonds issued by insurance companies, while excluding those sold by banks, ECB President Mario Draghi said in a press conference on Thursday.

Click the link above to read the whole article.

This will simply free up more cash for corporations to buy back more shares.

This is EMBEZZLEMENT people!!!!!

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