Thursday, February 18, 2016

Ray Dalio - Whatever Dude!

Ray Dalio has some disturbing news for investors: "investors should expect to experience lower than normal returns with greater than normal risk."

According to Ray though, in an article appearing on Zerohedge, negative interest rates AND helicopter money may be coming. Good news? Maybe for asset prices and even then in the very short term.

But why should investors expect lower than normal returns? In a negative interest rate environment and helicopter money and sprinkle in a dash of fear of cash becoming done away with and gold will FLOURISH! Why doesn't Ray mention this?

The gold and silver sector have been completely bombed out over the last 4 years, some issues losing 90% of their value? Will the sector wither away and die? No more silver and gold to pull out of the ground? Not likely.

So in a realm of "lower than normal returns", let's revisit the stocks that I posted the other day and see how they're doing shall we?

First, IAM Gold, up from $2.005 to $2.44.

Next is Impact Silver, up from $.15 to $.19.

Onto McEwen Mining, up from $1.47 to $1.73.
And lastly, Yamana Gold, up from $2.386 to $2.665.

So despair if you want to, others are making excellent gains and this is just the beginning of what could be a multi-year bull market.

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