Friday, February 19, 2016

Gold - They Know It's A Game!

Listen folks, unless you drink the Kool-Aid, you have to know the system is a game. These people are soooooo full of it you have to be a child to believe them. Guilt is oozing out of their pores.

Watch this video of Mark Spitznagel tell people that the Keynesians are about to get their toes slammed in the door as everyone rushes to the safety of gold and silver. He basically, as veiled as he can, says the system as we know it is over. DONE.


 He explains that the situation that we are in is very serious. "We've only just begone", he says.

He goes on to explain that the market has been reduced to two choices; door number one, Keynesianism, or door number two (in not so many words) Austrian Economics. I.e., gold.

His you may well guess as you're reading this blog and I'm posting it, is that if you choose door #1, the Keynesian fantasy that you can print yourself to prosperity like the French did in the late seventeen hundreds and the Germans in the early nineteen hundreds and every other foolhardy nation from the Romans to the Japanese to the Americans, you would be making a costly mistake.

Look folks, Michael Collins of Prudential Fixed Income at 3:40 asks, "Is it possible that we are going into door number 2 from door number 1? Really Michael, you think? You see my friends, how does he know what door number 2 even is? How does he know there's a time to choose gold and there's a time not to? Why are they always gold negative until they are scared to their wits end? Do you know how close we are to some financial calamity? Prepare my friends.

The days we are living in are very serious. They are make or break years. Even a poor man who buys one ounce of silver will buy some advantage.

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