Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Christine Lagarde - Jump Off A Bridge

Is Christine Lagarde of the IMF a serious person? Who is she really speaking too as she defends globalism in the article below by Bloomberg.

This stuff is really becoming unbelievable. The only ones who still believe it are the shills promoting it.

Ponder this statement:

“Growing inequality in wealth, income, and opportunity in many countries has added to a groundswell of discontent, especially in the industrialized world -- a growing sense among some citizens that they ‘lack control,’ that the system is somehow against them,"....

History has shown that closing borders and increasing protectionism isn’t the solution, she said. Instead, countries need to extend the benefits of openness and integration, while alleviating the side effects, Lagarde said. “We need to make globalization work for all.”

Of course people feel as if they lack control BECAUSE THEY DO you wretch! The European bureaucracy laid over top of the individual European states has taken control of processes held by those states prior. Does this really need restating?

You know what else history shows us Christine? It shows that when globalism is being implemented, rules are changed so that the "globalists" become insanely rich.

Of course Christine's plan to make "globalization work for all" is surely to give the IMF obscene power over sovereign states by giving them power to issue SDR's as a new global reserve currency.

We'll see how well "globalism" works then.

Christine et. al., are hollow husks of humans pretending to be sentient and compassionate to their fellow man. What they really want is a new class of subservient debt slave who works for the unfolding autocracy being laid out before us.

I predict failure and chaos and death. On all sides. Of course those most hurt will be the poor who fight the bankers wars for profit, not character or actual need.

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