Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Are Blacks Demanding Segregation In America?

This is a potentially dangerous societal experiment. Do blacks understand where this will lead? Likely not.

"Segregation" Is Now Progressive? Cal State LA Offers Black-Only 'Safe-Space' Housing

In what seems ultimately hypocritical for the so-called progressives, California State University Los Angeles recently rolled out segregated housing for black students...

A little further into the article you find this gem:

"In addition to the Black Student Union’s housing demand, the group also demanded a $30 million dollar scholarship endowment to aid black students, three new black faculty counselors, a new anti-discrimination policy and cultural competency course for faculty and students, and finally, a meeting with the president for them to discuss the “fulfillment and implementation of each demand.” 


It just wouldn't be a black thing if they didn't ask for more "free shit". Money out of my paycheck so that when they graduate with next to no student loan debt they will compete with me for jobs in the market place and take home a greater share of their paycheck.

Yup, this should serve them well. Put the spotlight on how racist blacks really are while screaming about oppression. Spare me. And I'm sure the "anti-discrimination" policy will involve something along the lines of blacks can say whatever the hell they like about whites but not vice versa.


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