Thursday, December 19, 2013

A.B. Dada/coinSMITHS and 7bucktees Review

Well I must say I am very disappointed. The cool and swanky LTC t-shirt I ordered and fully paid for has not arrived. I checked the site to see the status:

On the 17th I emailed the owner for a status update as my order has moved nowhere in nearly two weeks. He told me, "Hmmm I'll check from the shop today!" Never got back with me.

The next day, after thinking about the whole affair, I just wanted to cancel my order. Taking a payment from someone and then not fulfilling your end of the bargain is, well, stealing.

I emailed him again and told him just to cancel the order. His response, "no problem, i can take care of it by the end of the business day today for sure".

No apology, no offer to rush the order and save his reputation. Nothing.

So the end of the day passed yesterday and no refund. The status hasn't changed on the site and I'm in the dark. And that makes me angry.

You see running a business isn't easy. When you take an order for something you should fulfill that order as quickly as possible and communicate with your customers what is happening. If you fail or fall short of your customers expectations you humbly and apologetically take responsibility and make it right.

The nonchalant attitude of this vendor causes me to believe there is no business. And if there is, he should stick to flea markets and fairs because doing business on the internet and accepting BTC as payment while BTC is still trying to gain credibility isn't wise. Any guy with a blog can expose you.

 Next stop, the BTC and LTC forums. What a shame, truly. I hate doing stuff like this but  when you f&*k with my money, I get a little aggravated.

So what do you think I'll buy with my BTC next?

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