Thursday, December 5, 2013

BTC Sighting--Used Mostly For Drugs??

I wax and wane between frustration and amusement when it comes to people constantly rattling on about Silk Road and the "illicit" uses of crypto currencies like BTC and LTC. Yes it's true that some ne'er do gooders used and use and will use again, BTC for the purchase of illegal items.

But what isn't discussed is how much fiat currency, GOVERNMENT MONEY, is used on a daily basis for the purchase of drugs, guns, stolen goods, prostitution, assassinations, child porn, slavery, yes slavery (of all kinds) and government bribes of congressmen and members of Parliament.

Let's look at this in pictures (less reading, yay!).

"Look there, amongst all that cash, is that a BTC?"

And so it goes.

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