Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bart's Response To Me

Well I guess I touched a nerve with Bart. I really didn't think he'd get upset about the lining of the pockets thing but hey, some people are sensitive to the things that cause them the most guilt. It must be like eating the Bread of Shame.

What I thought would upset him was the eunuch in a brothel statement. But the CFTC has been ball(less) for so long this didn't seem to bother him. Maybe he didn't even get that far.......

Anyway here's his response:

"I was reading your email and thinking about my thoughtful response until I got to the lining my pocket bs. I could be making  a hell of a lot more money working in the private sector, but I have declined to do so.   I’ve spent my career in public service doing the best I can. I accept it isn’t good enough for some, but I certainly don’t have to respond to those people.  Please don’t email again.

I say whatever, Bart. Most people don't take gov jobs for the salary. They take it for the benefits and the benefits are many. His medical benefits will be worth more than most people make in a year. When they do  a short stint in the gov they the move on to some bank or investment firm and make 6 to 7 figures utilizing the insider knowledge and contacts they made previously for their and their firm's benefit.

Seriously, how can  Bart fault me here? People are frustrated and the yawning gap between reality and surreality widens as we witness fraud after fraud after fraud. Crony capitalism is bordering on fascism and the CFTC seems to be just an observer.

Here's something Bart will have to live with: someday many of the frauds that are carrying on today will be exposed. As Warren Buffet says (and I largely think Warren is a tool), "when the tide goes out, you see who's been swimming naked." When those frauds are exposed we will see just how ineffective the regulatory bodies are in this country and it will SHOCK most people. And then Bart's illustrious public career will be tainted with incompetency and could be said to have been a complete waste of time other than the gain he made personally.

Truly though I wasn't trying to offend Bart. I think for the most part he's sincere and when I told him he should resign I meant it. Someone who works hard and cares deserves respect and dignity. Bart is receiving neither respect nor dignity doing what he is doing. Perhaps it will be revealed one day that the CFTC is the glue holding the futures markets together but I doubt it. Since 1974 they have brought the most trivial of charges against firms and individuals with no resultant convictions.

So having been blackballed from Bart's email list after the first time I emailed him I say good luck, Bart. You're going to need it.


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