Wednesday, April 17, 2013

An Open Letter to Bart Chilton

This is a letter that I want to make public record and which I also sent to Bart Chilton:

Dear Mr. Chilton,

I’ve never written to you before because I’ve likened the effectiveness of the attempt to yelling into a tornado and being heard but I cannot resist forwarding to you the brief snippet below from the latest Dennis Garman letter.

"Concerning gold, let’s note firstly something sent to us by our old friend John Brimelow, who had a most interesting piece in his commentary this morning regarding the violence of the recent price changes. He noted a piece written by Russell Rhoads, CFA of the CBOE Option Institute, who wrote the following:
"’Friday was a 4.88 standard deviation move in the price of gold. For simplicity’s sake let’s call it a five standard deviation move. Statistically we get a five standard deviation move approximately once every 4,776 years. So we should not expect another move like this out of the price of gold until May 17, 6789. … Currently the two-day price change in GLD is 16.65, which can be converted to just over eight standard deviations. I wanted to share what this comes to, but the table I use only goes up to seven standard deviations. Let’s just say the sun is expected to burn out first.’"
* remember May 17, 6789, write it down for future generations, eh? a criminal act, indeed

Mr. Chilton, we have now entered statistical la la land. I’m not expecting anything to happen out of this but I have to vent my frustrations. And why should I expect anything different when Eric Holder himself states that the banks are too big to prosecute…..!!!? REALLY?

So here we have yourself, the AG and all the other regulators drawing a salary from the public coffers (MY TIME, MY MONEY!!) and you all are lining your pockets while protecting the “Too Big To Fails” because if they fail the whole world comes tumbling down but the stock market is rallying so we have nothing to fear! This will all blow over right?

Do you people think we are little children? Do you think we believe this trite? I think you would be shocked if you knew the actual number of Americans who are aware of these shenanigans. You should be bright red with embarrassment and shame.

Lately I’ve been reading much about the money printing extravaganza that lead up to the dire events of the French Revolution in the early 1790’s and what happened to the country and particularly the men that went along with such schemes. You may want to familiarize yourself with that history. These things don’t end well but perhaps you think a group of baboons can monkey hammer on a keyboard all day trying to create their version of reality and REALLY think they are making it so.

When you drop the price of silver and gold like they did this is the reality you get:

Gold Buying Frenzy Continues: China, Japan, And Australia Scramble For Physical

You’ll recognize that’s from Zerohedge…

Mr. Chilton, I would liken the performance of the regulators and law enforcement in this country to that of a eunuch in a brothel. You’re there, but not performing. Wouldn’t you rather be involved with an organization that can effect change in this world? Consider resigning and joining the private sector. When you’re paying your bills and dining out at nice restaurants think of me. Consider how much myself and my friends and family and countrymen are paying YOUR BILL while you turn your backs on us. For shame, for shame.
Good luck to us all,

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