Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Money Is For Nothing! And the Chicks For Free!

The great unwashed of the world who do not see what's coming will be shocked when their currencies are in the toilet.

If you recall recently Mario Draghi announced that the world's central banks should all come together and coordinate a global stimulus package.

We recently saw Ben Bernanke go to Japan to help them roll out helicopter money shortly after the ECB announced their money laundering/embezzlement scheme to buy corporate bonds and keep that wretched economy afloat.

At the last FOMC (Fed) meeting Janet Yellen announced that their rate rising expectations were lowered from 1.7 to 1.6%. That's simply another way of announcing they are beginning the process of LOWERING rates, not raising them.

And now, after the announcement you will read below, it should be clear that the central banks of the world intend to destroy the world's currencies. Is this intentional or out of idiocy? Hard to say but do not forget about The Economist magazine in 1988 touting a new world reserve currency by 2018. Who runs The Economist? The Rothschilds. Think about it.

Fed's Mester Says Helicopter Money "The Next Step" In US Monetary Policy

"We're always assessing tools that we could use," Mester told the ABC's AM program. "In the US we've done quantitative easing and I think that's proven to be useful. "So it's my view that [helicopter money] would be sort of the next step if we ever found ourselves in a situation where we wanted to be more accommodative.


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