Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Re-post-The Age of Impunity

The law doesn't work, I doubt public shaming will work. Where does that leave us? Where's "V" when you need him? Is the only solution to let the system break and watch millions upon millions suffer and potentially die? Apparently so because collectively, people are choosing to ignore this. How do I know? Look what people wear, drive and carry around with them. Just shoveling their paychecks into these people's (pockets).

The fraud and corruption in America today will be a stain on this country for a thousand years. Not that the likes of these people care if America even survives the coming deluge. Perhaps the Russians can comfort us?

Kudos to the Boston Globe and Jeffrey for publishing this:

(click link to read full article)

The age of impunity

 By Jeffrey D. Sachs 

The Panama Papers opened yet another window on the global system of financial corruption, showing how political leaders and businesses use shell companies in secrecy havens like the British Virgin Islands and many US states to evade taxes and hide corruption and other crimes. Yet the system of corruption depends on another factor beyond secrecy, one that is perhaps even more important: impunity. Impunity means that the rich and powerful escape from punishment even when their malfeasance is in full view.

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