Friday, June 26, 2015

Zerohedge? Or is it "Ad Hedge"

If you like being bombarded by ads when you're reading articles on a fringe blog largely frequented by angry, white conspiracy theorists, then Zerohedge is the place for you.

I've recently been banned from that site for having the audacity to write satire about the number of ads there. How many times has my ipod/PC/phone gotten hung up trying to display the plethora of ads on his page? There's obnoxious and then there's just, "whore" behavior.

Coming from a site that is wrought with satire and the debasement of others, run by a proprietor who has taken the name "Tyler Durden", after the thick skinned fighter in "Fight Club", the fact that I've been banned is comical.

"Tyler" embarrasses himself by taking such offense. A name change is definitely required. May I recommend one?


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