Monday, December 1, 2014

Gold and Silver! You Confuse Me So!!!

Who could have expected a day like today? What in the world is going on?

Hard to say but if I had to guess I would say that the “insiders” already know that deflation is well upon us and will be addressed accordingly (more QE).

When the market crashed in 2008 and wiped out a bunch of bad debt (actually the Fed just bought it) the Fed threw $1 Trillion at the markets and “reflated” them (by continuously throwing money at them). But it didn’t really work. They “painted” the tape.

Ever since 2008 the trading volumes on the Dow and S&P have dried up and withered away. But yet the market has risen? That means people have been paying a premium for the Dow/S&P. Insiders are borrowing money and using company profits to buy their shares back and selling their own shares for a fat profit.

Also, the banks have been using their own customer’s deposits to speculate in the market.

Well had those things not taken place the markets surely would have crashed. Looking back at 2008, shortly after the crash the gold market rebounded very quickly. If this stealth deflation has already happened and has been hidden while silver and gold have crashed as if 2008 happened again, it would make sense that they would rebound when no one would expect them to.

Bull markets usually leave the plebes behind. As they wallow in fear and doubt they lack the courage and conviction of their own shallow beliefs because they let others (MSM) dictate their thoughts to them.

As Rick Rule says, "Your greatest enemy is to the left of your right ear and to the right of your left ear."

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