Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ferguson Police Commit Felony after Felony

The police, President Obama, Eric Holder, et. al., expect the American people to be tolerant and law abiding when we see in this video another felony.

At about the :24 mark we see a policeman pumping a live round into the chamber of his shotgun and charging people on the street directly pointing his weapon at bystanders.

This is inflammatory and unacceptable. It is assault and prosecutable.

Sadly this is telling of the future of America as the police clearly view the public more and more as the enemy. The DHS and characters like Janet Napolitano constantly railing on about domestic terrorist and homegrown insurgents are not helping the matter.

If the police view us as the enemy, then they are our enemy. Do they want a civil war? Many think that this type of behavior by law enforcement is being directed from the top down and is intentional to drive people towards civil war. I hope that's not the case because it looks like they are succeeding.

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