Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Repost: Pertaining to The New World Order

I originally posted this back in October, 2010. Very much worth revisiting. It shows you that what's happening today is simply a free-for-all treasury grab between politicians and bankers.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Pertaining to The New World Order

Wondering about the status of The New World Order.....

In this VIDEO, John Gray, speaking of paradigms, says that what we can count on NOT happening is a "New World Order".

This is taken, verbatim from the speech given at The Guardian's Capitalism in crisis events that took place at Kings Place, March 11th, 2009.

"There was talk, nearly ubiquitous talk, and some of it became the basis of action….among the safe hands who usually run these things…(mutterings)……there was talk of the Great Moderation….The New Paradigm…..Davos Man…..The Weightless Economy….The Long Boom…..nonsense from beginning to end..but lots of very sober, grave looking, wooden people….accepted it. So that period of opinion is gone for good. And the problem we face now is it’s not quite clear what’s going to replace it. What’s not going to replace it is some new universal paradigms. What’s not going to replace it is some New Global New Order either….because what I think we’re in for now is a period of great uncertainty….lasting a number of years. We’re only at the first stages of a protracted and deep shift, revolutionary in it’s implications which I myself think is not best compared with the 1930’s but with something more recent namely the communist collapse which changed things irreversibly. And I think the changes that have occurred in the United States with the implosion of it’s financial institutions are irreversible.."

Clueless. All of them. How will you protect yourself from the "uncertainty" promised you. The ruling class are on the run and that means YOU will suffer for it.

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