Thursday, October 31, 2013

Inside Job Part Deux?

If you've never seen the movie, Inside Job, you might not know who this man is:

R. Glenn Hubbard. Gotta wonder what he's doing there. Given that he is paid $250,000 per year to serve on the board of MetLife and given all the troubles with Obama (non)care, surely he's up to no good. Some think he's in the falsifying business.

Read this from Poets and Quants:

"Columbia Business School, which came in for a critical drubbing by the Academy Award-winning documentary “Inside Job,” has approved more stringent rules for disclosing potential conflicts of interest among faculty.

The documentary was especially discomforting to Columbia Business School Dean R. Glenn Hubbard and Columbia B-school professor Frederic S. Mishkin. Both granted the filmmaker Charles Ferguson on-air interviews that did not show either of them in the best light. Hubbard, who among other things is a MetLife director, came off as imperial and arrogant when asked about his consulting arrangements."

Watch this, it will make you feel all warm and fuzzy:

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