Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Exter's Pyramid-End Game

In an interview with Jim Rickards by King World News, Rickards said we would be on a gold standard within two years.

Hard to believe? All paper money is flowing into perceived value. If you are not familiar with Exter's Pyramid check out this link:

Exter was a former board governor for the Fed Reserve. He basically said the paper world would fail and all fiat and paper based contracts would liquidate and collapse into gold and silver.

Looking at the chart you can see that derivatives are at the top of the list. We had a derivatives explosion 3 years ago which took down Lehman and AIG.

We are in the fourth tier of paper failures; government bonds. The next tier is paper money. Basically when you are in paper money you are going to be looking where to put that money. What imbecile would go back UP the pyramid?

Logically you wouldn't. You go into gold and silver. We are so close people. So close. If it took 3 years to get where we are, we cannot have much longer to go before some kind of resolution.

I think two years is very reasonable.

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