Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Voltaire-Of Hope and Silver's 2011 Price Prediction

This directly from Voltaire......

There is Hope

Millions of people out there looking for the truth about what is wrong with our economy, our political system, our corporate ecosystem, have found a black hole of despair on the internet.

Yes, the world is messed up. You already know that. What you need to understand is that there is a solution. As this drama plays out, the people who have brought this mess down upon our heads will grab for the same solution as everyone else.

In order to keep the world operating, we simply must have a functioning electronic based currency system. The currency system that we have now has been undermined by fraud and must be replaced. Trust has been destroyed. Only a 100% gold backed currency system can replace the current system. This means two things:

1) The price of gold must rise to the point where the working capital of the world all resides in gold. We are talking about a price of gold equivalent to one year’s wage for an ounce of gold.

2) The banking system must provide a smooth mechanism by which depositors can convert their gold and silver into electronic form and back into physical form. Only this will restore confidence.

The world can limp along with the current system for a while longer, but this change is coming. Collectively, we have no real alternative except to restore confidence to the current electronic transaction system. Those who have power now have more to lose than the rest of us.

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