Thursday, November 11, 2010

It's a Bird, it's a Plane!!!!

China has to be laughing their asses off at how badly they have embarrassed the Pentagon. To me this is so obviously China. And all the commentary from the media and the American public has got to be encouraging them to invade.

Let’s catalog some of the ridiculous responses from the military, news and web posters out there so we can get a good laugh down the road:

*It took the Pentagon nearly two days to reach that conclusion after examining video of the plume, "There is no evidence to suggest it was anything other than an aircraft," said Colonel David Lapan. (Two days? They should all be fired. And mind you they cannot identify what flight it was and it did not show up on radar.)

*For the conspiracy theorists who insist that the missile was some sort of secret government test, this explanation collapses under the weight of its own illogic. Why would the government launch a "secret" missile only 35 miles from Los Angeles? (Well they wouldn’t launch a missile if it wasn’t them that did it….! Fukko!!!) If I could throw this guy under the bus and drive it too I’d be hitting the gas right now. But not before pointing out this brilliant piece of writing….
5) Perhaps most damaging to the missile theory…..This supports the jet theory, and discredits the missile theory. Link

*I love this one: “Despite the official uncertainty behind the vapor trail, NORAD and the US Northern Command, which oversees the defense of the continental US, Alaska, and Hawaii, issued a statement aimed at reassuring the country that the event represents no threat.” Can you find the irony here? Look hard?

*Poster: If it were a missile, NORAD would've detected it once it reached the ocean surface and the Navy would've scrambled some jets either from San Diego Naval Air Station or from a Carrier at sea. It's flight would've been short lived, unless it was an accidental launch from one of our nuke subs, and a self destruct command would've been sent! (Ok, first of all they’ve announced they didn’t detect it which is an embarrassment. They should have lied and just said they did. And if it was an accident, the ship self destructs!?! Watch some more Star Trek, dork.)
*Poster: Some high school kids having fun.

*Poster: definately a contrail...have observed same numerous times, usually at dawn with the light rising behind them...this was the reverse at sunset...

*Poster response to previous poster: How many jets were flying in Southern California?
Why of the HUNDREDS if not thousands of flights around the Greater Los Angeles area did only one "jet" leave a giant plume of vapor? Why did the video not show HUNDREDS of contrails? Were the atmospheric conditions so rare that they only affected one of those HUNDREDS of jets?
Wake Up People.
Don't let them use their mind control tricks on you.
Be smarter than a storm-trooper from Star Wars. (Right: “This is not the missile you are looking for. This is a jet. Go back to watching TV.”

**Bingo!: "It's not an aircraft contrail," says Theodore Postol, a professor of science, technology, and international security at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, also in Cambridge, Mass. "That I'm confident of. It looks like a big missile…” What does a guy from MIT know anyway? We’ll see how long it takes him to get a phone call and retract his statement.

Watch this video and draw your own conclusions: Link

I will allow for one other possibility: the US Military DID launch this missile off and are playing dumb in order to provide a distraction to the American people. Distract from what? How about $1,400 dollar gold or $88 oil?

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