Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Light

This is a quote from a book I'm reading right now called, The Secret of Light, by Dr. Walter 8-9....

An online pdf of the book can be downloaded for free here. Consider reading it.

"He who is far out of the jungle and still seeks the
Light in the High-heavens is forever finding it, and is
forever being transformed as he finds it.
One cannot for one moment remove his seeking eyes
from his High-heaven, for ever so slight a glimpse
below into the dark brings him back to the fears of the
dark, which tempt him to plunge back into them.
Look ye, therefore, forever upward into the High-heavens
of inspiration, where glory awaits the fearless,
all-knowing seekers of Beauty in the purity of the universal
To him' whose eyes are in the High-heavens, the Light
will forever come, and he will be forever transformed as
he finds it.
The dark road from his jungle to his mountain top of
glory becomes ever more illumined during the ascent
from body to spirit."

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