Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gov To Bend BP Over The Table

Washington has a perfect opportunity right now to absolutely sodomize BP in front of a salivating nation who wants revenge for the criminal activity of BP.

You gave us "shock and awe" now give us this!!!

What have you done for us lately! We need bread at this circus damnit!

I originally got the idea from Jim Rickards Twitter post. He posted, "The #BP $20 billion escrow is seen by Wall St. as a cap but it's just a floor. Chicago gang in White House just getting started."

This is brilliant. Basically Washington can sit them down right now and hold them ransom. To their face; prisoners, even as they lead their public lives. BP will become an employee of the US. Cleaning the filth from our shores and sharing in a profit sharing program with the Gov and the citizens of the Gulf in an emergency Humanitarian Aid effort.

If BP does not comply,charges will be brought against the officers of the company and the members of the Board for knowingly committing criminal negligence. An act of terrorism charge could also be considered in order to speed the thought processes along of the officers. I'm sure their decision making "save my own ass" engine would speed past warp speed and they would happily kiss a new ring.

That's it. A new revenue resource for Congress. They should be pleased....

...does this mean I'll get a Congressional Medal of Honor? A bit much? Perhaps a pin?

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